Counterpoint: Navigating Knowledge is a research center and information hub. Located at the interface of academic and non-academic knowledge practices and traditions, Counterpoint provides a platform and a space for critical reflection on the foundations, opportunities, and limitations of knowledge systems. While different knowledge systems are often seen as mutually exclusive, they can better be considered as counterpoint voices, in a way that gives credit to all of them. The work of Counterpoint addresses the power structures and historically contingent circumstances that have led to the prioritization of certain knowledge systems over others at global and local levels.

The ecological, economic, political, and social challenges of the twenty-first century call for innovative responses and concerted effort. That is why Counterpoint facilitates critical reflection, conversation, and creative solutions to planetary problems. Guiding the work of Counterpoint is the belief that there is no single solution to the complex challenges of living within a planetary community. Through publications, workshops, roundtables, seminars, podcasts, and other activities, Counterpoint promotes engagement with multiple knowledge systems to find creative paths forward. Counterpoint serves as a hub between these knowledge systems. It supports interaction, engagement, and the search for common ground.

Participants in this conversation include scholars, practitioners, and representatives of knowledge systems outside the academic arena. Given that humans make up only a small portion of the planetary community, it is also part of the center’s mission to give a voice to nonhuman animals, as well as the rest of the natural world and the systems and things therein.