Counterpoint: Navigating Knowledge engages in a number of activities to achieve its mission and goals. All activities aim to bring together diverse knowledge systems in a contrapuntal way.

  • Counterpoint runs its own research projects and collaborates as a research partner with academic, cultural, and political institutions.
  • The weekly Counterpoint Blog is an important resource for information, reaching diverse audiences and responding to current discussions and events.
  • Counterpoint produces a range of publications, from short essays and longer reports to pieces of art. All publications are freely accessible through the Counterpoint website.
  • Seminars, symposia, and thematic workshops around the world focus on specific topics relevant to our work. Experts from different backgrounds bring their perspectives into a contrapuntal conversation.
  • Roundtables with stakeholders from diverse contexts—such as practitioners, activists, policy-makers, economists, journalists, and scholars—pick up relevant themes and develop viable solutions for pressing issues.
  • Counterpoint organizes public lectures, and our team is open to participating in conferences and other events.
  • Advice and counseling are available for individuals who have questions on topics related to Counterpoint’s research spectrum.