Starting in August 2018, Counterpoint will engage in a number of activities that bring together diverse knowledge systems.

  • Publications (reports, policy papers, articles, books, podcasts), accessible through the Counterpoint website
  • The Navigating Knowledge Blog (an important hub for information, reaching diverse audiences and responding to current discussions and events; blog posts by the Counterpoint team, members of the Advisory Board, and invited authors)
  • Seminars, focusing on specific topics (e.g., art as a knowledge system; shamanism between tradition and reconstruction; science, magic, and occultism)
  • Thematic workshops with experts from different backgrounds bringing in their perspectives (e.g., the ‘language of nature’; the ‘material’ and the ‘natural’ in comparative perspective; power structures and dominant knowledge systems)
  • Roundtables with stakeholders from diverse contexts, such as practitioners, policy-makers, and scholars (e.g., opportunities and challenges of alternative healing methods; personhood of rivers and places in legal and political perspective; integrating indigenous knowledge in higher education)
  • Public lectures
  • Advice and counseling (for individuals who have questions on topics related to Counterpoint’s research spectrum)