Honoring the diversity of knowledge systems and enabling a fruitful conversation among them for the benefit of the planetary community

Counterpoint: Navigating Knowledge is a global, interdisciplinary research center and information hub. Founded by Whitney A. Bauman and Kocku von Stuckrad in 2018, and supported by an international Advisory Board, Counterpoint organizes events and publishes policy papers and reports, as well as a weekly blog and pieces of art and fiction. The ecological, economic, political, and social challenges of the twenty-first century call for innovative responses and concerted effort. That is why Counterpoint facilitates critical reflection, conversation, and creative solutions to planetary problems. The approach is integrative: to use our various areas of knowledge and expertise to work together to solve today’s problems.

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Counterpoint Blog

Shorter and Sweeter

Shorter and Sweeter  By Alissa Jones Nelson The issue of immortality, whether spiritual or corporeal, has fascinated human beings for as long as we’ve told stories. The idea of eternal life has been both a Read more…

Counterpoint Blog

Here’s to Astrology!

Here’s to Astrology! By Kocku von Stuckrad Astrology is a fascinating and controversial topic. Many people in Europe and North America share the idea that astrology is some superstitious gibberish (perhaps with the exception of Read more…